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The speed and quality of Big Data processing is the key factor of success in modern world

Platform Benefits


Create interactive panels in seconds

Innovative approach to deal with huge amount of data allows you creating interactive panels in just few seconds. Forget about long waiting during a report generation – get result right now right here!


Analyze the total scope of information

The platform architecture doesn’t impose limitations to the range of feed data, providing complex analytical processing of the available information. Make balanced decisions based on data accuracy!


Be ahead of the curve in one click

The use of intellectual data processing algorithms doesn’t require specific knowledge and sophisticated parameter settings. Determine perspectives of development and avoid unexpected troubles!


Use advanced technologies of data processing

Polymatica makes advanced analytical instruments for organizations of any stripes available – from a local retailer to a national manufacturing enterprise.


Be sure in your data security

Centralized data storage in the system provides information integrity, the support of secure encryption algorithms ensures user security. Handle information whenever it’s best for you, any time and from any device!

Polymatica for industries


Platform Features

Instant treatment of large data quantities

Polymatica treats OLAP cubes in billions of records in seconds, providing continuity of analytical process. Knowledge of all the tiny details throughout the history is your competitive edge.

Visual analytical work

Creating new objects “on the go” using a couple of clicks. Constructing charts and graphs, using machine learning methods, complicated calculations of key indicators – perform these operations using only a mouse.

Intellectual data processing accessible for all

Polymatica performs advanced data processing using sophisticated Data Mining algorithms. Users don’t have to know how they work to get results – it’s enough to know how to use them.

Interactive situational panels

Creating situational panels with your own hands. Visual principles and operating speed of the platform allows you to easily create an integrated visual panel for an organization, to track accomplishment of key indicators online and do advanced data analysis of the current situation.

More information at a glance

Polymatica’s interactive panel layers provide way more information compared to traditional tabs. Complex analysis of objects across all available features helps render right decisions.

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