Make Analytics
Your Most Valuable Asset

User should not experience any restriction

Eliminating known restructions was a cornestone idea for developing Polymatica platform. By implementing break through technologies finally eliminated all major limits as volume, speed and ability to manipulate data really giving people full analytical freedom

B&N Bank

“OLAP-cubes, visuals, clustering and forecasting algorithms, association rules methods, it’s all connected and available for users at one place, one web page.”

Pavel Kravchenko, CIO B&N Bank Digital
Mary Kay

"In our business, analysts contribute directly to the bottom line, so they can’t afford to waste time selecting models, choosing settings or using complex tools."

Ilya Sadovenko, CIO Mary Kay CIS

"It’s incredible that we found a solution that solved our problems so easily. Polymatica demonstrated their capabilities and delivered fast."

Dmitry Margun, CFO
Under the hood

No more limits! Every element of the Platform is designed to provide analytical freedom and comfort: OLAP is the ideally suited data structure for ad hoc reporting and analytical process. GPU radically accelerate data processing. In addition innovative approach to visualisation and user interface makes process smooth and seamless.

Works with live data

Polymatica is not just filtering with visualization. We offer an absolutely complete freedom to work with the data. We do not operate queries, we always refer to the entire data set. The user himself creates an interactive panel that is convenient to him, in which “on the fly” all operations are performed

Common solution
Real-Time Analytics

Traditional linear visualisation may cause a loss of abnormal cases or anomalies. Polymatica offers dynamic, 5D visualisation is giving full overview and prevent loss of critical insights

Common solution
Highly interactive visualisation

Best complementary support for real time analytics: direct data connection, instant updates when scaling, dynamic analysis of the behavior of objects.

Common solution
Extremely powerful forecast

Hundreds of thousands of possible models are analyzed for each time series — and each time the best model for the behavior of a particular object is selected whithin a minute

Common solution