Make Analytics
Your Most Valuable Asset

Eliminating restrictions from the end users experience

Eliminating the known restrictions of speed and scale were the central ideas for developing the Polymatica platform. By combining innovative technology with a new approach to data analysis Polymatica have been delivering true analytical freedom to their customers.

B&N Bank

“OLAP-cubes, advanced analytics, analytical dashboards & reporting, it’s connected and available for our analysts, all in one place.”

Pavel Kravchenko, CIO B&N Bank Digital
Mary Kay

"In our business, analysts contribute directly to the bottom line, so they can’t afford to waste time selecting models, choosing settings or using complex tools."

Ilya Sadovenko, CIO Mary Kay CIS

"It’s incredible that we found a solution that solved our problems so easily. Polymatica demonstrated their capabilities and delivered fast."

Dmitry Margun, CFO
Under the hood

No more limits! Every element of the Platform is designed to provide analytical freedom and ease of use: OLAP is an ideally suited data structure for ad-hoc reporting and analytical processing. Through the use of GPU technology, Polymatica radically accelerates data processing 50X.

Working with live data

Polymatica isn’t just filtering with the visualisations and dashboards, instead we are able to work with the entire data set in real-time. This gives our customers total freedom to manipulate and play with the data to receive actionable insights that drive real business value.

Common solution
Real-Time Analytics

Traditional linear visualisations can often lose some of the insights the underlying data has to offer, Polymatica delivers dynamic, 3D visualisations for all data sources, ensuring you always have a complete overview, preventing the loss of any critical insights.

Common solution
Highly interactive visualisations

Polymatica provides support for real-time analytics via direct data connections, instant updates when scaling and dynamic analysis of object behaviour.

Common solution
Extremely powerful forecasting

Hundreds of thousands of possible analytical models can be analyzed for each time series — Polymatica automatically runs these models and then chooses the best model for the behavior of a particular object presenting this back to the analyst within 60 seconds.

Common solution