Architecture that scales easily for any data volumes or business needs

Polymatica is built on a multilevel architecture with independent components. Scale it by the number of data sources, computing resources, and users, or add third-party analytical modules

Data Source Connectors

Import Module

Cube Container

Polymatica Server

Clients Applications

Data Source Connectors
Access to any data from any source

Polymatica’s data source connectors allow you to connect to and import both structured and unstructured data from different sources, including relational databases, data warehouses, business applications and others. You can connect to data source by writing an SQL-request or a REST API formatted instruction, and use low-level data downloading.

Set up data source connections
Supports interaction with data sources
Supported Data Sources
Import Module
Creation of OLAP-cubes any
size and any structure

Using the import module, you can download data to the system and create OLAP cubes. By supporting all ETL functions import module allows you to manage data loads, refresh scheduling and transform raw data into a multidimensional cube structure. All at a data downloading speed of up to 500,000 records per second.

Import and download data from source
Create and update OLAP cubes
Cube Container
Self-contained storage that provides
fast access to any data

With Polymatica, each OLAP cube is stored in a separate, self-contained container that compresses and stores raw data without compromising data integrity. This native format reduces raw data volumes by up to 12 times and enables rapid access to every cube element – dimensions, dimension elements and facts. It also supports data management functions such as access rights setup, refreshing data and data index.

Robust and centralized data storage
Data management
Polymatica Server
The platform’s core component

At the heart of the Polymatica platform is the analytical server, performing all calculations, processing OLAP cube data, managing computing resources and interacting with the other platform architecture components. The server communicates with client applications through API commands and sends the results via HTTP protocol. As a complete, stand-alone platform, it doesn’t need any additional components to operate.

Performs all calculations and data processing
Performs all calculations and data processing
Supported server operating systems
Client Applications
If you have a web browser, you can use Polymatica

Client applications give you access to all Polymatica’s capabilities, simply by working in a web browser, using standard mouse operations through a fully visual interface. Mouse clicks are translated into API commands and sent to the server, with results displayed in a web browser. No need for third-party components – you can use any browser, on any device, any time.

Interact with Polymatica server
Access to all platform analytical capabilities
Supported web browsers