Exceptional analytics and data exploration capabilities

With a comprehensive range of analytics and data exploration capabilities, Polymatica makes data analysis easy and clear.
Live Data
With Polymatica, you always work with live data, without intermediaries or pre-aggregation
Everything is calculated in real time, with totally interactive visual elements, including OLAP cube tables, which makes the whole process transparent.
Polymatica offers you a complete range of analytical capabilities to use at any time, for any data
Mathematical and statistical tools, support for sophisticated calculations and both predictive and advanced analytics, it gives you plenty of choices to make data analysis easier.
Polymatica puts visualization at the heart of analytics and data exploration.
You can analyse data by interacting directly with visuals that are based on OLAP cube data and allow multiple analytical approaches.
With Polymatica, analysing trends and making accurate predictions are child’s play
With more than 1000 predictive models working in the background, you just click the "forecast" button and get incredibly accurate results for your chosen timescale.
Finding Insights
Gaining insights or identifying patterns is easy with Polymatica
With minimal configuration, you can use different in-built data mining methods to get full data analysis results in minutes. This enables you to check different theories in real time and find the ones that really work.
Data Science tools
With Polymatica, anyone can use advanced analytics and data science tools, because it’s as easy as basic data filtering, sorting and aggregation.
Once you select a tool and run it, the platform automatically applies processes such as data modelling, parameter and algorithm selection, and model testing. Then you can work with the results using interactive visuals and tables.
Big data
Polymatica means you can forget long waiting times, out of memory exceptions and analysing aggregating numbers
With our innovative platform technology, you can perform calculations on billions of OLAP cube records in seconds, which makes analysing big data easy, continuous and fast.
Every analytical operation involves a mouse clicks and drag and drop actions
With Polymatica, you’re free from coding, macros, OLAP requests, complex data retrieval and long waits for results.