“Being a rapidly growing online service provider, we needed a solution that would allow us to supply our 5000 customers with real time analytics using live data. Only Polymatica was able to deliver that.”
Olga Rudneva, Head of Data Science Department


ASNA is an analytical service provider for over 4,000 independent pharmacies, enabling them to compete by consolidating purchasing volumes with over 150 suppliers. Their service covers a range of activities, from giving the pharmacies real-time pricing and promotion recommendations and negotiating combined advertising contracts with the media, to providing general management services. ASNA also provide reporting and analytical services, and manage loyalty programmes, which the pharmacies can choose to join or not. This full range of services is available to several thousand remote ASNA customers in real time, who all expect immediate access and responses.

The challenge

ASNA’s unique service is very appealing to small pharmacies, because it helps them to stay competitive against the big market players, so the number of customers was growing fast. This meant the existing architecture could no longer support critical business processes.

Why Polymatica?

ASNA wanted to replace their MS OLAP architecture with a solution that could manage hundreds of millions of records and give customers a real-time response. The new system also needed to be able to update the data set every hour to monitor real-time market prices and competitor promotions. ASNA chose Polymatica because its functionality looked like the best possible fit to handle the data volumes and speed they required.

The solution

After implementing Polymatica, which took just six weeks, ASNA could continue to supply existing customers and take on new ones without any compromise to service.

Business benefits

Sales growth

The marketing offer development cycle was cut from two weeks to three days. ASNA’s commercial results improved because pharmacies trusted them and agreed to accept their range, pricing and purchasing recommendations.

Increased number of clients

Pharmacies benefit from more accurate range and purchase management, enabling them to carry less surplus inventory and cut expired stock to zero. More pharmacies want to join ASNA’s programmes because they see clear and immediate benefits.

Reducing IT costs

ASNA even improved their own architecture, reducing the number of servers and making the architecture more transparent.