Mary Kay

“In our business, analysts contribute directly to the bottom line, so they can’t afford to waste time selecting models, choosing settings or using complex tools. Polymatica means they can generate income every minute of the day”
Ilya Sadovenko, CIO Mary Kay CIS


Mary Kay is now one of the world’s largest direct sellers of skin care and cosmetics, with products sold in more than 40 different markets and a global independent sales force of more than 3.5 million. Russia is one of Mary Kay’s best-performing markets.

The challenge

Mary Kay was looking to increase buy-in from its independent consultants in a flat and highly competitive marketplace. They wanted a solution that could support real-time analytics and advanced descriptive analysis (clustering, correlations) and predictive analytics (forecasting). Just as important, they also needed a solution that would allow users to prepare their own data for analysis, to reduce their reliance on IT and the time to insight. They chose Polymatica as the best fit because of its rich analytical capability and how easy it was to implement.

The solution

Mary Kay is using Polymatica to understand the unique purchasing profile for each of its more than 100,000 individual consultants. Based on this insight, they can create an individual product and pricing offer for every proposed purchase.

Business benefits

Increase in consultant loyalty and trust

Growth in cross selling


15% increase in average purchase value