Polymatica’s customer case studies

B&N Bank
Pavel Kravchenko, CIO B&N Bank Digital

“OLAP-cubes, visuals, clustering and forecasting algorithms, association rules methods, it’s all connected and available for users at one place, one web page. That makes process of finding insights comfortable. In Polymatica smart data discovery, exploration of big data volumes do not require building models or writing algorithms.”

Dmitry Margun, CFO

“It’s incredible that we found a solution that solved our problems so easily. Polymatica demonstrated their capabilities and delivered fast. And installing, understanding and using the platform was pain-free. In the past, it took days to prepare an overview deck. With Polymatica everything’s available almost immediately.”

Mary Kay
Ilya Sadovenko, CIO Mary Kay CIS

“In our business, analysts contribute directly to the bottom line, so they can’t afford to waste time selecting models, choosing settings or using complex tools. Polymatica means they can generate income every minute of the day”

Olga Rudneva, Head of Data Science Department

“Being a rapidly growing online service provider, we needed a solution that would allow us to supply our 5000 customers with real time analytics using live data. Only Polymatica was able to deliver that.”