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What we do

At Polymatica, we create, build and develop next generation software that makes data analysis easy to perform and totally clear for a wide range of end users.

Our Business Intelligence platform means even the most complex and effective analytical and data mining techniques are just a click away for everyone.

In short, at Polymatica we’re setting data analysis free.

Our Vision
What we believe

We believe you deserve a Business Intelligence platform that:

Makes sense
of complexity
Has no limit
on data volumes
Performs millions of calculations in seconds
Our History
A history of breaking boundaries

2003: A different angle

Roman Raevsky was head of a company that developed its own ERP system. One customer was producing thousands of weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and ad hoc reports. So they wanted Roman to build a few hundred reports into the system.

Instead of simply giving the client what they asked for, Roman decided to look at it from another angle. If the company needed to produce so many reports, why not create a tool that enabled analysts to freely manipulate data to create any report they needed? So, in 2004 he released his first real-time Windows-based OLAP system.

The new system had a bit of data mining functionality and gave users the ability to create interactive situational panels and immediately go to the source data, conduct full, in-depth analysis and produce their own reports. It won a number of satisfied customers over the next five years, until the limit on data volumes in Windows prompted a rethink.

2012: Thinking faster – Release 3.0

Introducing Linux had solved the challenge of data volumes. But operating time was slow for large amounts of data, with records being sorted in minutes, rather than seconds. To create truly real-time analysis required a new technology. And Nvidia had just launched CUDA architecture for GPU cards. This was the break-through Polymatica needed. Using GPU technology, sorting a billion records took only 4 seconds instead of 140. This opened up the possibility of seamless, constantly productive analytical processes.

A clear focus – Release 4.0

Analysts were spending too much of their valuable time preparing to work with the data, rather than actually analysing. Polymatica 4.0 introduced light, visual analytics principles, which transferred a lot of that preparation onto the platform and gave analysts more freedom to focus on working with data.

2016: Uniquely powerful and accessible – Release 5.0

Polymatica’s core principle is that analytical tools should combine the power to tackle even the largest amounts of data with accessibility and ease of use. Polymatica 5.0 not only introduced deep analytics and data mining functionality, but made analytical functions available at the click of a mouse.

It’s a combination that makes Polymatica the ideal analytical tool for organisations in all industries and sectors, no matter how many users and whatever the project aims.

In short, Polymatica turns analytics from hard work into something that works hard for you.

Now: Continued expansion

Take a look at what Polymatica can do for your organisation.