Use Polymatica to identify valuable business data insights

Advanced Analytics
Use Polymatica to identify valuable business data insights

Polymatica includes in-built data mining modules that use data from multidimensional OLAP cubes to make calculations. You can manipulate the data into live tables, explore it through interactive visualisation and discover insights with the click of a mouse.

With access to OLAP cubes, visuals, clustering and forecasting algorithms, association rules and methods all through one web page, you can find insights easily.

And Polymatica’s smart data discovery means it contains all the tools you need to explore large volumes of data – no need to build models or write algorithms. So, you can check any theory in a couple of minutes, identify business growth opportunities and act quickly.

Creating a regular cycle by adding data and creating new OLAP cubes, you’ll discover fresh insights in your business data. And more.

Platform modules that you need
Reporting Layer
Association Rules
Advanced Analytics
Things that you can do
Find insights using live data tables
Explore data using advanced analytics
Build data models without programming
Create additional OLAP-cubes