Create reports and check KPI in a couple of minutes

Real-Time Analytics
Create reports and check KPI in a couple of minutes

Polymatica’s visual-based capabilities make creating ad hoc reports and live data analysis easy. And it produces results so fast that you can access valuable business indicators in just a couple of minutes.

With the multidimensional OLAP cubes you can access the slices of data you need, create the required dimension hierarchies, and calculate facts and complex business indicators in real time.

And Polymatica’s visualisation options mean you can present results using powerful interactive visuals, so they’re easy to understand. There’s even an in-built user profile system, so you can easily produce analytical content and ad-hoc reports – for example, for colleagues.

Because creating OLAP cubes and data management is so easy, you can load all required data, or add dimensions and facts quickly, to create an ad hoc report and add it to an ad-hoc profile.

Platform modules that you need
Reporting Layer
Association Rules
Real-time analytics
Things that you can do
Create ad-hoc reports
Self-service analytics
Publish and deliver analytical content
Access to advanced analytics