All you need at a glance, right down to the smallest details

All you need at a glance, right down to the smallest detail

Polymatica makes viewing analytical content and reports simple. With highly interactive dashboards and reporting panels offering everything from diagrams, pie and line charts, to multidimensional visuals, interactive web maps and live data tables, it makes your data easy to understand. And the multilayer web interface means you can analyse different reports at the same time.

You can set each cube so there are flexible access rights to its data. This means each user only gets the reports they need, or the numbers they’re responsible for. And, because the interactive panels and reports are based on data from multidimensional cubes, if users have access rights they can check every number in a table or dot on a graphic.

Platform modules that you need
Reporting Layer
Association Rules
Things that you can do
Content consuming and reports view
Online checking key indicators
Simple visual-based analytics
Decisions based on real-time data