Polymatica enhances your data analysis capabilities by using innovative technologies

Online analytical processing
Harness the power of the fastest
and most flexible OLAP technology

OLAP is Polymatica’s core platform. It not only enables you to perform multidimensional data analysis, but it also gives you the ability to make complex calculations, do sophisticated data modelling, create ad-hoc reports and produce real-time data visualisation.

What’s more, Polymatica’s OLAP platform gives you speedy access to every element of the cube data structure and allows you to set permissions and data access rights. Additionally, it delivers robust, secure and centralised storage for your valuable business data.

Every dimension is fully independent
Real-time facts calculation
Less than five seconds system response time
Access every OLAP operation at the click of a mouse
GPU accelerated computing
Cutting edge Business Intelligence
and Data Mining technology

Using GPU acceleration technology, Polymatica enables using either CPU or GPU resources to perform OLAP and Data mining operation. For OLAP cubes of 100 million records or more it accesses GPU, while for smaller cubes it uses CPU. GPU acceleration technology gives you system response times of around five seconds, which allows continuous analytical processing for all sizes of OLAP cubes.

But the real game-changer is the ability to process OLAP cubes in GPU video memory. This transforms analytical processing and enables you to do things with data you’ve never been able to do before.

Unique “OLAP-in-GPU-memory” technology
Flexible use of computing resources
Multi-GPU technology support
Around five seconds response time
Data Mining methods
Powerful data science tools
that anyone can use

Polymatica’s in-built data mining methods give you access to smart data discovery and finding insights. OLAP cubes provide multidimensional data, making the settings process incredibly clear and simple. And with a two-way connection between calculation results and OLAP cubes, you can combine OLAP operations, visuals and data mining results, to make the outputs easy to understand.

Using data mining methods, the platform automatically performs even the most complex operations, so your users don’t need to build models or write algorithms. Instead, they simply select their required dimensions and facts, choose the method, run it and work with the results.

Easy to use Data Science tools
Rapid performance
100% calculation accuracy
Two-way connection with OLAP cubes
Visual Analytics
Highly interactive visuals with
a variety of visualisation options technology

Polymatica offers you a range of visualisation options, from different charts and diagrams, to web maps and live data tables. Using these visuals, you can combine OLAP cube data with data mining results to create highly interactive dashboards and analytical panels.

This makes data analysis, exploration and manipulation easier for all your users.

What’s more, you can start analytical operations, complex calculations and data mining with a simple mouse click or drag and drop action.

No coding, macros or complex actions
Highly interactive and multidimensional visuals
Just drag and drop, left and right clicks
Simplicity and comfort of data analysis